The Corvus Device consultancy offers unparalleled experience in the development, manufacture and life cycle maintenance of Medical Devices and Drug Delivery Devices for Combination Products.

Our approach is practical, hands-on and leverages actual experience in established companies, working on real drug delivery programs. Many of these programs have introduced drug delivery devices into pivotal clinical studies and onward to become successful products in the marketplace…

We haven’t just got the theory – we’ve also got the practice !

We are extremely well-positioned to help you advance your organisation, your processes and your products; and avoid many of the potential pitfalls and setbacks.

There are many areas where we can support you, for example;

  • Defining your overall device strategy…  see ‘Life Cycle
  • Creating your organisational environment… see ‘Structure
  • Establishing your operating systems… see ‘Quality Systems
  • Supporting technical development… see ‘Technology
  • Enabling clinical and commercial supply… see ‘Manufacturing

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