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The Company

The Corvus Device Consultancy was formed as a result of a clear vision;

To support pharma companies, device developers and manufacturers in achieving high-quality, well-engineered, usable and approvable medical device/combination products for the benefit of users and patients.

LogoThe company takes its operating name from the Latin: Corvus, describing the broad genus of birds in the family Corvidae. The species is known to demonstrate self-awareness, devise ingenious ways to succeed, whilst also having the ability to recognise, remember and use individual experience in prediction.

We see these attributes as well-aligned to our own competencies – devising ways to navigate the technical, organisational and regulation landscape, whilst also leveraging our experience of overcoming similar; and related; challenges. This is the basis of our mission statement –

Helping you find solutions with a combination of logic and experience.

We offer support at the global location of your choice or remotely from our offices in Cheshire, UK.

Founder and Principal Consultant

Mark A. Chipperfield M.Sc., B.Eng.(Hons), is a Mechanical Engineer by first degree from South Bank London. He later earned his Master of Science in Engineering Management from Loughborough University.

Mark started his career in the pharma industry with Glaxo Operations in 1994 (later GlaxoWellcome, GSK). Moving through various Engineering roles in process instrumentation, manufacturing support and capital equipment project management associated with multi-dose dry powder inhaler manufacturing, he became deeply engaged in medical device technology, manufacturing and process control.

In 2003 he moved to Aventis Pharma (later sanofi-aventis, now Sanofi) and held leadership roles associated with industrialisation and scale-up of pulmonary delivery devices, whilst managing capital equipment procurement and device filling/assembly process development.

He relocated to Basel, Switzerland to join Novartis in 2007 and initially led Device Manufacturing Development, before also managing the Inhalation Device Development group. He moved on to lead the Packaging and Device Development department, driving special purpose packaging and delivery device activities across 60+ projects featuring multiple formulation types and broad routes of administration. He was instrumental in creating a global device development organisation.

Mark moved to F.Hoffmann-La Roche in 2010, leading and extensively strengthening the Device Development organisation. He made important contributions to the company’s journey to become an established player in the field of Combination Products, achieving several successful product approvals and launches, whilst supporting a diverse set of portfolio demands across oral, subcutaneous, intra-muscular, pulmonary, nasal administration routes for Health Care Professional, Carer, Patient and Paediatric users, in a range of disease areas.

In the last five years, Mark has become active in the conference presentation environment, sharing his experiences of the challenges associated with developing combination products.

During 2013, he co-authored a case study chapter within the PDA publication ‘Combination Products: Implementation of cGMP requirements’ and more recently co-authored the introduction of ‘Global Medical Device Regulatory Strategy’, a 2016 publication from RAPS.

Mark has now worked with drug delivery devices and special purpose functional packaging for over twenty years, gaining exposure to many medical and drug delivery devices, supporting progression from concept into clinic and on to market.

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He has performed numerous due diligence and technical evaluations of novel delivery technologies, developed products through the full design control phases to launch, and maintained marketed products. He has experienced many of the challenges associated with delivery device development and device product maintenance within large pharmaceutical companies and implemented Medical Device development guidance, quality systems and business processes.

Since 2015, Mark has been an independent Consultant to the Pharma and Medical Device industries.  You can connect to Mark directly using LinkedIn…


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